Nice – an experience to remember


Sunshine 300 days a year with mild temperatures even in winter, which makes it possible for example to enjoy an open air lunch at the flower market and take a walk along the sea wearing only a T-shirt. From the view point at the old castle ruin, you have an amazing panoramic view to the Promenade des Anglais, the sea, city and the mountains.


Nice is a vibrant metropolis, and is one of the most visited destinations in France, because of it’s many cultural- and shopping opportunities offering a big variety of restaurants and cafes. The convergence of french and Italian influence shows in the local architecture as well as in the local cuisine.


The old part of town is an atmospheric oasis with it’s labyrinths of narrow alleys. The Flower Market next to Sans Souci is the local market that attracts both the locals and tourists alike. Here you find a sensory bombardment of flowers, fresh fruits, vegetables, delicious cheese accompanied by the smell of spices and freshly baked bread.


In the many local stores you find regional specialties such as olive oil, soap from Provence, freshly made italian pasta and clothes by local designers. The ice cream store on Place Rosetti is a must for both children and adults alike, because here you can choose between hundred different kinds of ice cream flavors.

Cultural life


Chagall, Matisse, Miró, Kandinsky – here you find them all. The most visited museums in Nice are undoubtedly the museums of Chagall and Matisse, and the great art collection Fondation de Maeght is half hour drive from the city center, where you can experience art works by Miró, Kandinsky and Giacometti. There are plenty of opportunities to unique museum experiences – and many more than mentioned here.


Something happens all year around at the many venues in Nice; In July the annual jazz festival is held with world-class music, and in February the two weeks long carnival with magnificent parades with a colourful display of great costumes, colours and music.

The wine country of Provence


Nice is perfectly situated between the Mediterranean and the Alps where many amazing experiences in nature awaits in the inland – by foot, cycling, public transportation or private vehicle.


Les Gorges du Verdon is a few hours ride away, known as the spectacular French Grand Canyon where the emerald green Verdon River runs through a landscape of steep cliffs and winding mountain roads.


There is also a lot of opportunities to go inland and visit the wineries offering both tours and wine tasting. For example a ride with the Cone Train (Train des Pignes) offers a beautiful ride from Nice to Digne, with the possibility of getting on and off along the route to enjoy the mountain villages.

Skiing in Provence


Before noon by the Mediterranean and in the after noon skiing in the Alps – in the winter months it is possible to do so. The tree skiing areas Isola 2000, Valberg and Auron have together 300 km. pistes, which are all within a few hours from Nice.