Cafes and restaurants


Nice is the capital of the French Riviera – colourful, vibrant and tasteful. The water is deep blue and invites to a dip in the ocean.


The charm of the old city with it’s paved streets, fragrance of lavender and provence from the small local shops invites to enjoy the area.


If you seek a good cup of coffee or a nice restaurant, we recommend the cozy French bistros, often run by the same families for generations. The restaurants in the habour area offers fresh fish and seafood provided by the local fishermen several times a day.

Cultural life


Nice is the location where you find many interesting museums such as the museums of Matisse, Chagall, Museum of Modern art and Contemporary Art and Naval Museum.


Enjoy a stroll through the old city with it’s many narrow streets and taste the local onion pizza. Tourists often buy their souvenirs at the market, which also sells fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.


Nice is famous for it’s summer festivals and the carnivals, why it is very recommendable to plan your next summer holiday around these events. The festivals duration of ten days includes parades and festivities for both locals as well as tourists. The annual carnival attracts thousands of tourists to Nice, so book your accommodation well in advance.   


Promenade des Anglais is a promenade along the coast line, where you can enjoy a stroll or go skating.

Nature and Hiking


Nice is well situated between the Meditteranian and the mountainous Alps that offers many exiting hiking opportunities.


A few hours drive from Nice is the famous area Gorges du Verdon, known as the spectacular French Grand Canyon. It is an incredible beautiful and memorable nature experience.


The Cone Train (Train de Pignes) take you from Nice into the Alps, where you can visit the many family run wineries offering wine tasting and tours.

Nearby towns


There are many incredibly charming small villages and towns in the vicinity of Nice. It does not take long to reach beautiful sites by the coast or in the mountains. Take the train, bus or rent a car. You will not regret it.